In Memory of Doug Taylor

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In Memory of Doug Taylor

Doug Taylor: Founding Principal, Saint Francis High School

As the "founding father” and the first Principal of St. Francis starting in 1962, his leadership over the 16 years he was at SFH covered some of the greatest achievements in the school’s history: the amalgamation of the boys and girls schools, and the Deman football dynasties. During those years SFH grew to be the largest high school in Calgary and enjoyed the reputation as a highly successful school on all fronts - academic, athletic, staff retention, innovative programs like automotives, beauty culture, and machine shop in addition to everything through Math 31!. Doug's dedication to excellence at the school knew no bounds.  Most importantly he fostered in the staff and students a school spirit, pride and dedication to excellence that surpassed (and challenged) all other Calgary high schools.  SFH's accomplishments in the classroom, on the playing field, and ultimately in the community are a testament to the caring, dedicated, and supportive environment lead by the senior administration, delivered by the staff and absorbed by the students.

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