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Advocates for Catholic education

GrACE stands for Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education. The goal of GrACE is to advocate for publicly-funded Catholic education across the province of Alberta. It is supported by the Alberta Bishops, Alberta Catholic School Trustees and Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta.

GrACE invites all those committed to Catholic education to be advocates and witnesses for our schools' success and their future.

GrACE at Saint Francis High School

Saint Francis is a strong partner of GrACE. Please tell us why you feel Catholic Education is important to you by following the link below.

Tell us your why!

How you can help

In your homes, neighborhoods, schools and parishes, watch for and get involved with your local GrACE team. Help spread the word by sharing your stories of Catholic education.

Join the conversation

Use the hashtag #gottagracegroup to join the conversation.

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